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Fibromyalgia? Why you need a LYME TEST!

Fibromyalgia. A common diagnosis given to many who have chronic pain and incredible fatigue. I was a given the diagnosis about 12 years ago along with chronic fatigue syndrome. Doctors claim that fibromyalgia is a disease in itself. But what most don’t understand is the WHY and HOW of Fibromyalgia. Remember it all stems back to one thing, HEALTH of the body. When you don’t feel good it is a result of poor diet, lack of exercise, over consumption of sugars, alcohol and environmental factors. All of which we are guilty of one of the above.  We can try all we want, but let’s face it…..we have an uphill battle.  Throw in the stress and ???? BAM! YOU have a LABEL like FIBROMYALGIA!

I stumbled upon this incredible article that I wish someone would have showed me years ago when I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at the  University of Washington Fibromyalgia clinic.  If ONLY someone would have told me the word LYME, I would have researched and done the test immediately. I don’t wish the pain of Fibromyalgia on anyone.

I beg you to please don’t wait, don’t ignore this. Lyme is real and Lyme has been shown in almost 100% of all Fibromyalgia patients. There is a reason for your pain.

Click on the link below to read more! I promise, this will be worth your nightly reading.

Cheers to your health. Keep fighting TIGER! ????


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