Days of My Lyme


One of the symptoms of early stage Lyme is pains in the bottom of your feet.  I started to have were bad pains in the bottom of my arch in my foot but I didn’t chop it up to much because I thought it was just from years of dancing.  I also used to frequently get foot and leg cramps from dehydration. But this pain was a little different. It would feel like a knife stabbing. I would wake up in the mornings and it was like I was walking on hot rocks the minute I stood out of bed. Its been very challenging and I’ve had  limit my in high heals.  Otherwise I would be in pain for days.  The spirochete bugs like to affect your nerves and nervous system. Some of this damage I have is irreversible unfortunately. Many people with M.S. or Multiple Sclerosis also experience this kind of pain. Or is it really M.S.?

There is a distinct correlation between Lyme disease symptoms and M.S. Symptoms. It is important to discuss this as well.

One of my favorite resources for info is a site called “TIRED OF MY LYME” They have a wonderful site that answers many other questions you may have on this topic as well as others.

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